Where the Magic Happens

This is where the magic happens! Sure I enjoy a movie now and then in our living room but let’s be real, the bedroom, vanity and bathroom are where it goes down! It was very important that I made a serene space to apply the many layers of skincare I need to glow, and a cozy bed to plop down at night.

My apartment has slowly transformed into a real “adult” place, by that I mean: we have a real bed frame that has a headboard *shocking* , and a mirror that not only shows my whole outfit without having to crouch over, but it also adds to the aesthetics of the room in an amazing way. These adult luxuries are thanks to Urban Outfitters Home, who so graciously sent me these incredible pieces of furniture!! They truly transformed our bedroom, and my ootd photos forever :’)

I was so excited to find this bed on the Urban site, it’s modern but also minimalist! I almost went for a pink velvet headboard, but I figured my future self would thank me for going with the more simplistic/versatile option (; 

The mostttt beautiful mirror.. It’s truly the mirror of my dreams! It makes the bedroom feel so much bigger, and the gold trim is such a lovely touch!

This is an alter for some of my favorite (and boujee-ist) pamper products. The Laura Mercier caviar eye sticks are incredible, anything Diptyque smells like heaven, and the Kjaer Weis body oil is beyooond luxurious! Also- that briefcase looking thing is filled with Chanel nail polishes, it’s one of my prized possessions lol

I turned into quite the fragrance enthusiast this year, and ended up discovering a few incredible scents that I wear almost every day! Replica Jazz Club, House of Creed Silver Mountain Water, and Byredo Black Saffron are a few of my ultimate favorites! I got this marble tray from home goods, and the print from Target

This is a mess, I know! But it’s the reality. My clothing obsessed ass cannot fit everything into 1/2 of a closet. The day that I have a walk in closet…I will pass out from happiness. 

This shower curtain brought life and color to this stark white bathroom, it makes spending time in here a lot more fun! I love the cheeky “Get Naked” bath mat, it’s a real hit among guests too. And lastly, the wooden bath tray is a luxury I never knew I needed, a place for my wine glass and my book while I take a bath… an incredible concept 

Yes, I know it’s a lot of stuff. I have a full cabinet tour if you want to hear all about it!

This cozy bathrobe was a gift from a video shoot I did for Caudalie, and it was accidentally embroidered with “Rahini” … I think it’s so funny, and I love it very much. 

Thanks again to Urban Outfitters Home for these beautiful items <3 Hope you enjoyed this lil tour!