Whimsy Preset


The perfect little sprinkle of whimsy to add to your photos! I love this preset for landscapes and nature photos, it makes every scene just a bit more magical. It’s also flattering for portraits and works well in low light conditions. Of course, every photo is different and the preset will need to be tweaked accordingly 🙂

Save $$ by getting the preset bundle here.

To import into Lightroom Classic from your desktop:

  • open up the develop tab in lightroom
  • go to your presets (on the lefthand side of the window
  • click the plus sign by the preset menu
  • click import
  • select the xmp file from your downloads 🙂

Adobe is being difficult and won’t let you directly download the presets to your mobile phone 🙁 So, you have to first download it to your desktop and sync it to your mobile device in Lightroom. If you don’t have Lightroom for your computer, I suggest getting the free trial, syncing all your presets and making copies of them on your phone so you’ll have them even when the free trial goes away! Sorry it’s such a pain, I tried to troubleshoot this for hours but Adobe likes to make my life difficult!!

Some helpful tutorials on how to transfer your Lightroom Presets from your desktop to your mobile device:

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Excellent for photos of yourself, also known as SELFIESSS! Bright lighting and up close shots are recommended, this filter gives a soft and glowy look, with a skin smoothing effect- shine on hunny!. Keep in mind every filter will often need to be tweaked to match your photo settings and get it just right