Welcome back!
This is the first official post I’m making on the new theme, and ooo boy I’m excited.

I want to have this post serve as a life update and pen to paper of whats going on in my life lately, ‘cuz there’s a lot. If you are familiar with my Youtube videos then you may have heard that I’m not coming back to FIT after I complete my associates in Advertising and Marketing this year. As of right now, nothing is set in stone school wise for next year, but there are a lot of ideas in the works. The degree I’m currently in isn’t pushing me or inspiring me whatsoever, most of it I feel like I could do in my sleep frankly. The information is repetitive, boring, and outdated.

Don’t worry though, because I’m not going to start drifting aimlessly (not that it’s a bad thing to do that, we all can use it sometimes). I currently have a lot of cool brands that I’m working with to make content, enough so that I make a steady income. I also started an online magazine called Gimmick , and that process has been super fun and exciting. For the last year almost, I have been interning at an interior, art and concept design studio in SoHo called Mercer Project , they are incredibly talented and kind people who I genuinely like working with, and they have asked me to come on as a paid assistant! Which will mean I’m going to get paid (!)  to source materials, talk to vendors, and find inspiration for their upcoming interior design projects.

I am also planning to start an online crash course on interior design from NYSID soon, I have a sneaking suspicion that I want to go to school for interior design, but I want to see how the 2-month course goes before I commit to something more long term. I figure if I’m going to be in school for (at least) 2 more years, I want it to be in a subject that I’m already passionate and excited about outside of a classroom, which I totally am for interior design, and have been since I was like 8.

I thought saying that I’m not coming back to school out loud would be scary and shameful, but I’ve actually felt such a strong sense of motivation and determination, and happiness since I made the decision. So much so, that I decided to completely re-do this blog, and devote time to updating it regularly like I did back in High School. I splurged and got an amaziiing new lens, which has me extremely excited to be making killer content again!

Thanks for listening to this update, I hope you enjoy the below pictures of my cozy Sunday, and adorable Kitty.