Hi guys! Hope you have all survived the bizarre weather that’s been going on, all I know is I’m counting down the days until the snow and freezing temperatures are gone for good.

I recently was introduced to &Pizza and was reallyyyyy excited to try it out because they have a lot of vegan options, which isn’t very common with pizza places, and your girl really missed a good pizza. I fell in love after the first time I went. The ordering style is similar to Chipotle, you go down the line and pick which ingredients you want and they make a personalized pizza right in front of you, and it’s super fast! It’s sooo good guys I really can’t stress it enough. The two winners for me if you go are adding the balsamic and garlic oil as the last topping, it makes every pizza so dang good (oh and the vegan cheese is bomb)

Click the link here to learn more about &Pizza and find a location near you (run, don’t walk!!!!)