Bonjour friends!!

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Paris a few days ago, if you keep up with me on Youtube at all then you know I went by myself which was a super exciting bucket list item for me. Even though somehow (fate, probably) my travel buddy Grace ended up being in Paris at the exact same time I was, and we got to meet up and adventure around together a bit.

I thought I would compile some of my favorite photos and spots that I visited on my trip, I ended up walking about 45 miles in 4 days of being there.. and only saw a snippet of what Paris has to offer. I will definitely, definitely be going back!! Next time with Sage and my parents hopefully.

Where I stayed: Le Marais (3rd Arr.)

Notre Dame:

Jardin de Tuileries:

Luxembourg Gardens:

Eiffel Tour:


Sacre Couer:

River Seine: