Skincare Obsessed

Happiness lies beneath well taken care of skin (I'm pretty sure).

I'm Rohini

A twenty-something living in Brooklyn, obsessed with all things caffeinated and beautiful. Always adventuring, whether that be with skincare or travel. Follow along for my favorite skincare hacks, interior design inspo, vegan food, and lots of other great things.

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Beauty is all around

Since an early age, I
have always had a
passion for things that
make you feel something
just by looking at them.

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The Election Hangover

Well, Yesterday was the election. November 8th, 2016. For myself and many other college students, this was the first major election that we were able to participate in. The first primary, the first time choosing a new president of the…

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This is Halloween

Happy November 1st! Or should I say Happy day after Halloween, I hope everyone’s hangovers aren’t too bad this lovely Tuesday morning. My Halloween weekend, or “Halloweekend” was pretty eventful to say the least. I was a vampire, a dead…

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Brooklyn Bridge

Hi friends! It’s hard to believe that I’m almost at the 3 month mark of living in this crazy city. What’s even harder to believe is that until last Friday, I had never been to the Brooklyn Bridge before… I think I’m…

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Beachy Keen

Hello again! Currently sitting inside a cafe shivering because of the gloomy weather outside, I remembered these awesome photos from this summer just sitting within my files. This day was so much fun, and although I (hope) I look warm…

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City Slicker

Hello friends! I have notice that here in the city, each day my style evolves just by looking around at others around me. One day I want to be edgy, one day I need some heels and a cute dress; it’s…

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