On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a sweet little pop up flower bouquet making class put on by Naadam Cashmere and Farmgirl Flowers! Naadam is such a cool company that I would come to pretty much anything they were putting on, but flowers are my weakness.. I need them around me at all times.

Jess from Farmgirl Flowers explained that they key to a beautiful arrangement starts with the greens, If you have a good base of greens, then the beauty of the flowers you add becomes even greater! I picked some greens, and tossed a sprig of eucalyptus in for some added whimsy, then went on to the flowers.

You can see below my end result, I’m so proud of the little guy! He’s now on display on my coffee table, and I get to keep the little brown vase for my next creation.

Be sure to check out Naadam and Farmgirl Flowers!