Happy Monday friends! I recently had the assignment of writing an essay about my personal style. I found it pretty fun to do, and thought I might as well share it with you. Here it is!

My Style

I recently came to the conclusion that I am a T-shirt and jeans kind of gal, and not in the boring, hum-drum type of way. I view a nice fitting (booty hugging) pair of Levi’s and a simple logo tee as the perfect base, and after that it can get more interesting. The pieces I find the most enjoyment in, my “three stooges” if you will, are: hats, bags, and coats. The outfit I turn to in times of importance or necessity start with the perfect base, moves on to a deliciously over-sized fluffy coat, a vintage black captains hat, and my firstborn child: the Chloé “Faye” bag. Shoes are an important ingredient to this cuisine of course, but my selection of footwear generally comes after the rest of the ensemble has already been decided

While donning the above, I am certain I could run into anyone and make a solid case for myself. So I’ve heard from Pinterest, a woman who is confident and delighted with the pieces she’s wearing indeed wears the clothes, the clothes don’t wear her. I mix it up of course, sometimes my periwinkle blue coat from Reformation, others my kick-ass, floor length green number from the Frankie Shop. With the shift in coats comes a change in hats as well, a sweet little black beret or a brown conductors cap usually. My bag collection doesn’t sway very far though, only shades of black or white, with practical, chic, yet theft preventing designs.

During the process of fine-tuning my uniform, some items didn’t make the cut. Why I still own skirts is a mystery, they never make it out of the apartment. Unless it’s my black denim mini, in which case it’s probably someone’s birthday, and it’s over 70 degrees outside. Another purposefully neglected item: tights. I own a few that have some ill placed runs, but I never ever wear them. Freezing my legs off in the winter, even with a trusty nylon sidekick, is just not happening. One item that’s unintentionally missing from my wardrobe is a nice black or brown leather belt. If I find one that seems like it’s decent enough, my eyes usually wander to a pair of pointy toed boots, or a bucket bag, and the belt never makes it into the cart.

Since my journey from Seattle to New York City, my personal style has evolved swiftly and steadily. I didn’t dump out my entire wardrobe and start fresh, but my favorite pieces have shifted, and my everyday look now resembles something quite different than it did two years ago. Today, you won’t see me out without small silver or gold hoops, and my favorite, delicate gold necklace from Mejuri. I also religiously wear Daniel Wellington watches, their style to me is classic and compliments any outfit, as an accessory should. I had a brief love affair with neck scarves, and now have a silky collection stored next to my decorative disco ball (it gives off beautiful reflects around my bedroom when the light hits it just right). As I’m writing this, I made a mental note to start wearing the scarves again, I always felt like I oozed style and grace whenever I wore them.

My outfit tomorrow will be vintage Tommy Hilfiger jeans, a trusty black tee, a born again neck scarf, and my favorite fluffy coat. I know for sure I will feel just right wearing it, and I think that’s the most important thing to personal style, it needs to fit you and your bum just right.