Welcome back!

Last weekend I met up with Bayley and her lovely sister Jayne at Maman Cafe in SoHo, it was about 35 degrees and these two LA babes were freeeezing. Well worth it, because Maman was so freakin cute on the inside! I got a soy chai latte and it was super yummy, I think the extra cinnamon on top helped. Maman had a really great atmosphere, the decorations and food were all beautiful, it was a great escape from the chilly day outside.

I always opt for a turtleneck and hat of some sort on cold NYC days, this time I went for my favorite black beret and paired it with a grey peacoat. I was actually warm with my scarf bundled up, which doesn’t always happen when style gets added into the mix (it’s hard to look “cute” when the freezing wind is burning your face off).

Enjoy! If you ever stop by Maman I definitely recommend the chai