Hey hey friends, I’m about to write a blog post I’ve been pondering on how to write for months now, so here goes. I only have one more month left at my college, FIT, and I thought I would break down some reasons why I won’t be staying, and why I’m very excited for the next chapter in my life.

First off, the education was nothing close to what I expected.

After watching hours of FIT goers on Youtube before applying, and visiting the campus in the peak of New York summer, I couldn’t picture myself going anywhere else for college (I didn’t apply to any other schools I was actually interested in). FIT has such a good reputation, and its widely known that the name alone will help you get hired, and open a lot of doors- this has still proven true, don’t get me wrong. But, the education for the Advertising and Marketing major is really not great. I have heard similar stories from the Fashion and Business Management major, but thats not my major so I have no right to talk poorly on it.

  • The textbooks are all out of date (they are often from 2004)
  • In two years I have only had 3 good professors, by good I mean professors who actually care about what they are teaching and want their students to learn ( 3 out of 16)
  • The material is extremely repetitive
    • I feel like I have taken the same class over and over every semester, with little to no expansion on the topic (The 4 P’s, if you know you know)
  • I have only had one class in 2 years that taught anything about fashion (and it was this semester)

The business school is extremely rigid

What I mean by this, is once you’re in your major you are stuck there. I knew this beforehand from videos, but as I progressed through the program I wished I could have tried other more creative classes (that only the art school gets to try), or switch my focus a bit. It’s nothing like typical college in this sense, there’s no room for experimenting with your classes.

The counseling office sold me on the AMC major by saying it was the more creative of the two, and many graduates went into creative fields. But yet I have had maybe 2 creative classes in the entire associates degree program.

New York isn’t an “end all, be all for me”

90% of my friends at FIT don’t actually enjoy the education or experience there, they are just “pushing through” so they can get onto the next chapter in their lives, or because their parents are forcing them to get a Bachelor’s degree. I was never set on getting a Bachelor’s degree or going a traditional route, I’m a firm believer that you can become successful without a college degree, especially in todays age. I don’t plan on staying in New York for very long, I will ride out the next two years here and focus on my personal brand and my job at Mercer Project. Working with awesome people like YouMe Lin This summer after I graduate at FIT, I’m going to start online classes from NYIAD for interior design and wedding planning to get ready for the next phase of my life. Sage and I plan to move back to Washington where we grew up, live in downtown Seattle, and start a wedding venue on his mom’s farm. I will be doing the interior design for the venue, and doing the wedding planning as well. It’s something I have always been drawn to, and it excites me every day just thinking about it.

It’s not all said and done..

I believe life is too short to be stuck somewhere you hate. If you’re motivated to make something work you will make it work no matter how hard it is, which is why I’m not scared in the slightest about graduating with just an Associate’s, even though every person over 50 tells me it’s a bad idea. Getting a degree will not guarantee success, I have seen it first hand countless times. Our generation is tricked into thinking it’s the only way we will have a happy life, and it’s just not the case. Our way of living, buying, traveling, grocery shopping, everything is changing at light speed, and many of these forward thinkers didn’t get a PHD in business or entrepreneurship, they had an idea or a passion and they chased it.

I’ll get off my soapbox now, and I hope you interpreted what I just ranted about in the right way. Sure, if you want to be a doctor or a lawyer you need school, I’m not implying that all school is bad (because it definitely isn’t). I’m just exploring the idea that its not as black and white as our parents or grandparents may think it is.

I would really love to hear any stories or comments you have on this matter, different perspectives and insights are always welcome!

Thanks for listening guys <3