Hi Glossier lovers !!

SO glad Glossier is starting to expand and ship to more countries internationally. One of my good friends Jessika lives in Sweden and she shared the news that Glossier will be coming there starting on June 14th! I’m excited for her and all of you to finally get to try some of my favorite products (they will probably become staples for you, just warning in advance lol)

To welcome you to the Glossier fam, I wanted to share my top 5 products that I use literally every day. Also, don’t forget you can save 20% on your first purchase and also get free shipping using my rep link  here

Happy Shopping!!

#1 Favorite Product: Boy Brow

(this is a hard decision, a lot of them are tied for first)

My eyebrows are sparse, and pretty light. So when I don’t have anything on them they sort of dissapear from my face. Boy brow in “Blonde” makes them look like the exist again! I love wearing it over anastasia beverly hills brow pencil in Taupe, or just on its own for a “no makeup-makeup” day

#2 Favorite Product: Haloscope

Oooo baby, I cannot go out of the house without Haloscope in moonstone on the bridge of my nose. I feel like I don’t look like myself without it! 

#3 Favorite Product: Cloud Paint (specifically in Beam, for me)

I have been wearing Beam on the apples of my cheeks for about a year straight- no joke. I try to diversify but it’s just truly the best shade of blush for my skin tone, and it’s so dang easy to apply!

#4 Favorite Product: Lash Slick (a newbie and a goooodie)

Lash Slick quickly captivated my heart, my lashes look longer and wispier then they ever have. I love that the formula has lash strengthening and growth-stimulating ingredients in it, because I’m much too lazy to apply lash growth stuff on my own, lets be honest.

#5 Favorite Product: Milky Jelly Cleanser

Milky Jelly will always be my favorite face wash to use in the morning, so gentle and lovely smelling for a soothing wake up call. Also- on vacation when I don’t wear much makeup and bake in the sun all day (with SPF, of course) I love this guy! So nice and calming on the skin

To learn more about all the Glossier products out there, here are a few of my videos:



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