Glossier is officially three years old *cheers* , and they are coming out with new products like there is no tomorrow. I’m not complaining though, obviously. Septembers launch was an exciting one, the creation and first addition to their “Phase 3” body care line, Body Hero.

Body Hero consists of two products, a suuper creamy body lotion and a luxurious body oil to be used in the shower. Both products have a strong floral scent, and I mean strong, so if you have super sensitive skin, or you react badly to floral scents I would advise against adding it to your arsenal.

I personally just use the body oil as an added bonus to my shower routine, I break out easily on my body and need an exfoliating scrub to keep it in check, so I can’t rely on only the Body Oil for my shower routine.  The body lotion though, is very nice. Its very thick, a little bit oily (which gets the skin feeling super soft), and it also has reflecting light particles that make your skin look shiny and supple.

If you want to try out out Body Hero and get 20% off and free shipping, heres my rep link:

Tell me what you think about Body Hero if you end up trying it, and if you want to know even more: heres my Youtube Video where I further review and talk about it!