Helloo again!

Lots of life changes have been happening lately, to name a few:

  • I traveled to Europe for 3 weeks (truly, life changing.. I know everyone says that)
  • I moved into my very own BEAUTIFUL apartment with my boyfriend in Bushwick, NY
  • I am questioning a lot of things: career, school, diet -hence the title

I was born and raised completely 100% vegetarian by my loving hippie parents, I have only consumed meat once in my entire life and it was by accident. I grew up drinking 2 glasses of organic whole milk a day, a regular stream of organic scrambled eggs..basically copious amounts of dairy that I believed was good for my body since it was organic. I always complained in middle school as my friends had their toaster strudels and pop tarts and my lunch box consisted of Annie’s organic bunny snacks, I just wanted to be cool, ya know?

As I went through school I slowly began to appreciate my vegetarian diet as my peers complained about having to watch their weight and struggled with eating a healthy diet. I prided myself on my “healthy” diet, even though I was eating bagels and pizza 3 times a week. For a short period of time, I thought I was gluten intolerant- so I went gluten free for about 4 months (that was hard). I realized that I was still getting stomachaches after I ate and no gluten was involved, I added gluten back into my diet and went on with my life.

Fast forward to college, one fateful night after eating a piece of $1 pizza on the streets of NYC, I immediately curled into a ball of pain and could barely walk I had such an intense stomachache I thought I might keel over. I knew something was up, and turned towards my doll of a roommate Grace who is very into the almond milk is life, no dairy, plant based diet. I cut out cows milk cold turkey (lol) after drinking it every day for my entire life. My digestive track seemed to like that change, so I half-heartedly attempted to cut down on my dairy intake, but still sometimes enjoyed feta cheese and margarita pizza.

Now almost one year later, between a combination of traveling to Italy and eating dairy all the frikkin time (with every meal) with no stomachaches, and watching What the Health on Netflix absolutely horrified and disgusted, I figured now is the time to actually do the thing!

Reasons I’m hopping on the Vegan train:

  • Dairy hurts my stomach (and breaks me out)
  • I love animals and can’t imagine inflicting any harm on them in any form
  • I think the US meat/dairy industry is beyond effed up and I don’t want to support it in any fashion
  • I want to live a long, healthy life
  • Fruit is yummy

I’m writing this post partially because if I post it into the universe then maybe I will hold myself more accountable to sticking to the diet, but if I’m being a normal human (which, I am) I’m not going to punish myself for any slip-ups or cheats, because HEY shit happens.

I would love to learn any of  your favorite vegan recipes or Insta’s to get inspiration from, I’ve got a lot of research to do!


photo by the amazing Ryan Razon