Rohini Elyse


Twenty two year old Seattle native.

I grew up in a small a** town called Langley. Then moved far far away to New York City, embarked on a journey of content creation on Youtube and IG, made lots of great friends.. then promptly moved back to Seattle three years later, so now, here we are!

My humble abode is occupied by my very Instagramable cat, Blue, my Husband Sage, and our newest addition- adorable golden retriever pup Henry. Also, so many drawers of beauty products that I could spend my life trying to test them all out.. been trying for about four years now and still haven’t gone through them all, maybe I’ll turn it into a career someday (; ha

I enjoy making content for people to relate to, and as it says in my instagram bio- this is all “just for fun” 

Don’t hesitate to reach out via email, Instagram DM, Youtube comment or carrier pigeon! I would love to hear from you