The finishing Touch

The simplest way to pull together any outfit, or add a personalized touch to your everyday look lies within sweet little jewelry pieces!! The cherry on top of my vegan ice cream, if you will… is Mejuri!

I learned about this well-loved millennial brand a few years ago on Instagram and haven’t looked back since. I’m quite loyal to the brand, the prices are affordable and the styles are delicate and pair well with everything. I can recommend their jewelry to friends as the perfect present for the woman in their life, no matter the age! You probably get the point, I’m a big fan girl.

Wait, still gushing- the girls behind the brand are as sweet as the designs too, I absolutely love working with them! This isn’t sponsored or anything, it’s out of pure love :’) Here are a few of my favorite Mejuri pieces in an evergrowing collection, and you can save 10% off your order by clicking here !

Some of my favorite necklaces, there’s a cute little locket that they offer engraving for.  I got “Sage” engraved like the corny girl I am (; (Jewelry pictured here L-R : starburst pendant, star necklace, locket necklace)

My favorite everyday earrings, they’re super simple and chic! I recently added this second earring to the mix, its a fun little twist that makes me feel more tough than I actually am! (Jewelry pictured here: Editor hoops, spiral earrings)

Jewelry pictured here: star signet ring