Happy Cyclone Bomb everyone! For those of you that don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, New York and many other east coast states are being hit with some freak snow storm that’s resulting in like 10 inches of snow in one day. So, I’m avoiding the outdoors altogether and am spending this Thursday cuddled up in my cozy apartment with my favorite Le Labo candle burning (Petit Grain 21).

I posted an Instagram poll yesterday asking if I should do a blog post stating some facts about me that not many people know, and might be curious about. 97% of the people that voted said I should do it so here I am! And for the other 3% that said I shouldn’t do it, lo siento.

Time to spill all my dirty secrets! (not really)

1. My Name, Rohini is an Indian name meaning beautiful star

Why does this white girl have an indian name? Brings me to fact number 2

2. My parents both lived in India, and practice a form of Hindu religion, hence the indian name.

My brothers also have indian names: Ravi, and Dhruva (meaning: the sun, and the north star)

3. I am from Seattle, Washington.

Although, I grew up on a small little island name Whidbey, located about 45 minutes away from Seattle.

4. I have been with my boyfriend Sage for 4 and a half years!

We did long distance for almost 2 years (it sucked) and now we are lucky enough to live together in a sweet pad in Bushwick.

5. I’m an Aquarius, I was born on January 23rd!

I love being an aquarius, we rock.

6. I have super sensitive, irritable skin, which is why I got into skincare in the first place

Here’s an example, I wore the same scarf three days in a row and got like 6 breakouts on my chin because of it. (It’s 15 degrees here, homegirl needs to wear a scarf) I get eczema, strange rashes, and bumps all over my body quite frequently.. it’s pretty frustrating.

7. I have a dog and cat!

My dog Lavender lives with my parents in San Francisco, and my little kitty Blue lives with Sage and I! We adopted him from a shelter in Harlem about 4 months ago. (Both my pets names are a color..guess I have a thing for colors lol)

8. About 85% of my wardrobe is thrifted.

I love digging for gold in thrift stores, and have scored some amazing designer pieces for so cheap because of it! Thrifting is a much more sustainable option, fast fashion suuuuucks (boo Forever 21!) Otherwise, I will invest in a few high quality pieces straight from the store or boutique that I know will last me a long time.

9. I am really scared of open water, spiders, and bridges over water

I have an irrational fear of the ocean, although it’s beautiful and I love it, it takes a lot for me to convince myself that I should go swim in it. I’m not the strongest swimmer and I swear there are monsters under there that might grab at my feet. I’m getting more confident though! Ironically, Sage is in the Coast Guard and his whole job involves the water (he loves the water).

10. I have been vegetarian my whole life

My parents are vegetarian and raised my that way since birth, I’ve never purposefully eaten meat before (one time a sneaky maple donut had bacon inside, very heartbreaking). I recently decided to go vegan in July, and found that it agrees with my body very well! Dairy is a tricky thing.


Are any of these a surprise to anyone? Maybe the afraid of water thing hehe. Hope you guys enjoy!